pyslm.visualise.plotSequential(layer, plotArrows=False, plotOrderLine=False, plotJumps=False, handle=None)

Plots sequentially the all the scan vectors (contours and hatches) for all Layer Geometry in a Layer using Matplotlib. The Layer may be only plotted across a single 2D layer.

  • layer (Layer) – A single Layer containing a set of various LayerGeometry objects

  • plotArrows (Optional[bool]) – Plot the direction of each scan vector. This reduces the plotting performance due to use of matplotlib annotations, should be disabled for large datasets

  • plotOrderLine (Optional[bool]) – Plots an additional line showing the order of vector scanning

  • plotJumps (Optional[bool]) – Plots the jumps (in dashed lines) between vectors

  • handle (Optional[Tuple[Figure, Axes]]) – Matplotlib handle to re-use

Return type:

Tuple[Figure, Axes]